How much MORE amazing could your life be?

We are helping hundreds of Christian couples achieve wealth in Income and Love.

Are you in or out?

Why spend your days doing just what it takes to get by?

We believe that the key to an Amazing Life is to own your own day and live on purpose. At the most basic element, that means having the financial freedom to live each day on purpose, outside of the constraints of a 9-5 job. It also means creating deep, intimate partnerships, starting with your spouse. 

Our students learn the tools to create wealth in income through real estate investing strategies that are easy to implement and accessible to most households. Using our methods, families create freedom and ditch the 9-5 life in the time it takes most people to pay off a new car loan.

They also learn the tools to create, build, and sustain solid marriages based in faith and love.

This means living a life that's financially free, emotionally free and spiritually free. 

Around here, that's what we call an Amazing Life.


How I Met God In Real Estate: Rehabbed to Perfection… The Never-Ending Process

Tim Grimmett started investing in real estate in 1999. As a husband and father of three young girls, he recognized that he had to find a way to support and provide for their financial needs. He sought different mentors and found success in real estate investing.

His success grew quickly as he relied on his charismatic style to meet and enroll others who also wanted to build their financial futures by following his investing strategy. Tim quickly expanded his real estate holdings, related businesses, and various teams.

By word of mouth, people flocked to filled hotel conference rooms every month to hear him speak, buy into what he was teaching, and enroll in his programs. He built his network of customers and strategic partners, and many could see his plan was working.

However, Tim had a secret that very few knew about, and if found out, would blow up all of his success and everything he had worked for might soon collapse. He would do anything to have what he desired. Could he really sustain all that he was building—his family, his success, and everything he’d built? He wanted freedom and he wanted all of his desires fulfilled.

He had to find a way to keep it all before it all came tumbling down. One day, his request was answered, but not in the way he intended. … or was it?

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Work With Me

Income for Life Mastermind

Learn how you can get started in real estate investing to grow your portfolio. Generate income each month without having to tie up your money with little to no money out of pocket and never run out of cash!

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Blindside Discovery

At the Blind Side Discovery Retreat you will discover what within you is holding you back Identify and cultivate what motivates you, develop your self-awareness, vulnerability and willingness to act with intention, and learn a process to define a life that matters!

Date Your Mate

Discover how you and your spouse can create a more intimate and trusting relationship to create the love and life of your dreams.

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How I Work With My Clients

Not sure if coaching with me is right for you? Here's who I work well with and have had success in getting results.

Coach With Me

One-on-One Coaching

A tailored approach for fast results and custom solutions.

Self-Paced Courses

Work at your own pace in an online environmen.

Group Courses

Get the support of a group with the ease of online delivery of course content.

Live Events

Get away for a deep dive during one of my live retreats, workshops, or small group experiences.

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What People Are Saying

Shaun McCloskey, Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Coach

Tim was my coach when I first got started in real estate investing. He was my coach for 18 months and now I have flipped over 300 properties. Today, I coach and speak all around the country.

Cathy Babis, Former Military Aviation Map Creator Turned Real Estate Investor

I had every real estate investing program known to man! I finally started when I got involved in Tim's coaching program. I wanted time freedom to do what I want when I want. I knew I needed a team to help me who were very good at doing certain things.

Fred and Vanessa Cox, husband and wife real estate investor team

Working with Tim really gave us the direction to go in when we started and now we have learned how to negotiate and have acquired multiple properties. We learned that we are built for this, we are resourceful and we have the passion to do this.

What's Your Financial Freedom Number?

Are you ready to find true freedom? Find out your Financial Freedom Number — and figure out how fast you can drop your 9-5 job and gain true wealth through real estate investing in less time than it takes most people to pay off their car loan.