Here’s How To Get the Marriage You Want With the
Date Your Mate Encounter.

Learn the latest way to get true transformation for yourself, your spouse, and your family.

Do you want to stop worrying about ‘rocking the boat’ when you talk to your spouse about what’s really bothering you and start building a bright future for your family?

Here’s the secret.

Learn the best way to navigate each of these six key areas where it’s critical to build a solid foundations.

  • Communications — Learn how to properly express yourself and be understood by your spouse.
  • Conflict — Leave room for differences and turn those differences into areas of growth.
  • Physical Intimacy — Learn to respect and honor each other through every aspect of your relationship, including physical intimacy.
  • Money — Navigate your money mindset and learn to stay on the same team and build your best financial future.
  • Parenting — Raise good, strong, independent, and responsible kids that are the best blend of both of your backgrounds.
  • Faith — Discover the most important truth to life and how to experience it with your family.

No More Craving a Break from Your Kids, Attacking Your Loved Ones, Fighting Addictions, or Being Afraid to Talk to Your Spouse and Rock the Boat.

Ready to get started?

Join us for the Date Your Mate Encounter starting August 2022. In this seven-week experience we will teach you how we turned our marriage around.

PLUS this session will be a hybrid offering — you can choose to attend 100% of the sessions live and in-person if you live in the St. Charles, Missouri area. For those not able to attend live, you can still experience the date your mate community and join with other couples just like you via Zoom.

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Here’s what’s inside the Date Your Mate Encounter

Weekly Forums

Weekly one-hour sessions to discuss the topic for the week and answer questions in real-time.

Date Nights

As a couple, you will go to a restaurant and work through the weekly questions. Together. 

Date Debrief

Join the group for a weekly debrief to discuss what went well and identify areas of growth.

This method works even if you think your marriage is ‘too far gone’ for meaningful healing and partnership.

You might be thinking that you’ll need to spend years in couples therapy or accept life ‘the way it is’ in order to get a peaceful home and family life but actually… In the Date Your Mate Encounter you will learn how to transform your most difficult challenges within your marriage to the greatest opportunities for love and growth.

That’s why we are excited to share the Date Your Mate Encounter with you today!

Don’t Wait…This experience begins August 15, 2022, and will fill up quickly!

For a Limited Time: Pay Only $197 


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Here's a recap of the Date Your Mate Encounter!

  1. Pay only $197 for this experience PLUS 10% of income from the Date Your Mate Encounter will go to Blessings To Others, our non-profit 501c3 that works to increase affordable housing and thriving families.
  2. Weekly date debriefs in a safe group forum to identify what went well and potential areas of growth. All Date Your Mate live sessions will be held in the St. Charles, Missouri area.
  3. Six weeks of questions for you and your spouse to use as a guideline during your weekly dates.
  4. Weekly forums with the whole group to talk about our key topics (Communication, Conflict, Physical Intimacy, Money, Parenting, and Faith)
  5. Loving, Christ-based support from Tim and Nancy Grimmett, your guides in doing this important work.
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About Tim and Nancy

Like most couples, we were excited about sharing our lives together. You know, the usual of can’t stop thinking of each other, can’t wait to see one another and living the rest of our lives in love and bliss. Oh, don’t get us wrong, we’re not naive to think problems and challenges weren’t going to come...because it did in a BIG WAY!

But somehow, we knew we were meant for each other and that would silence the problems that would come. And sure did from financial problems, cancer scares, betrayal, infidelity, and all the dis(es) distant communications, distrust, disloyalty, displeasure, disbelief, disrespect, discontentment, and wanting to disappear when things got really tough.

But there was one little thing, or should we say one BIG thing, that kept us together. Our personal relationship and growth in God. Yes, even with the betrayal and unfaithfulness to my wife, Nancy. We had One Thing or should I say One Person going for us. Our personal and separate relationship with God which made all the difference in the world. We still wanted to honor both our marriage and family by overcoming all the bad while choosing to make the good BETTER. We loved our daughters and knew they deserved better. We decided to make an AMAZING LIFE now NOT later down the road. It wasn’t easy by all means but the work cost us everything and it was WORTH IT.

We reside in St. Charles, Missouri, and have been married since 1990 and have three wonderful and gifted daughters, Kayla the oldest and a set of twins, Jessica and Rachel.